Friday, June 30, 2017

We are Finishing Week One @CWPFairfield and, 100 Kids Later, All Went Well. Phew!

Ali and I left the house today wearing matching 3D glasses and, sometime mid-day, kids started to say, "Do you know that you two have the same frames?"

Um...They were expensive. Cost me a movie ticket a piece.

Today will be our first week of prom, and we have Little Lab of Big Imagination, Novel Writing, and Sport Writing events to kick off all the hard work. I believe I'm getting too old for my own good because these days fly by. I feel like we meet the kids on Monday and suddenly it is Friday and we have to say goodbye.

But it's pizza day. And the kids have worked hard all week. And my teachers are out of this world and there are no words to describe their dedication. And I hired two incredible guy from Syracuse to be Abu and Lossine this summer. And I'm thankful to a donor who allowed me to bring a few more high school kids on board to support our work. And I love my graduate and undergraduate students who are working for me.

We win. It's exhausting work, but we win. The kids are having a great time and the teachers are saying, "Where do these kids come from? They don't need us! They simply want to write."

And they do. And the families are thankful, " daughter told my husband that she didn't want to go to the park to play because she wanted to finish a writing project," a mother tells me. "My daughter hates school. We've never heard her say this EVER in school."

I remind parents, "This isn't school. There is no homework. We're simply in the business of inspiring kids to write their lives."

In some ways, it sees were finding a cure for whatever is going on in our K-12 buildings. Tsk Tsk. This should be school. Period.

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