Saturday, June 24, 2017

Snacks Purchased for the Labs Next Week, Stored, and Now It's the Weekend

Finally, after 6 years, I have a credit card in CWP's name, so I can purchase all the summer goods for our writers without having to put myself in massive debt. It's so good to get through the summer without having to wait a month for reimbursements and to have the paperwork streamlined.

Yesterday, we got the supplies ready and the rooms established. It looks like rain today, so I'm guessing I might have time to do some writing (just need to sneak out of the house before everyone wakes up so I have an excuse).

Last night, an impromptu Scrabble tournament and corn hold game led the way into steak on the grill, pasta salad and waffle fries. The winds kept the mosquito population down, too, even though the fireflies and June bugs were having a bonanza.

I've written this before, but I really don't know how anyone has a large family to feed. Preparation, cooking, and cleaning up can kidnap a night completely...then you simply have to think about doing it all over. I admit, I am good at it for a few months, but I accomplish much more on Triscuits and cheese night....that takes all of 2 minutes to prepare. I did BJs earlier this week and we already wiped out the meals I prepped for. Poof! It's gone.

But it's a good thing. Kanyea asked, "Who taught you to cook like this?" and I could only reply, "It's survival. You live on your own long enough you learn to take care of yourself." I've mastered the low-key, but delicious meal-in-an-hour operation...

I've even mastered the timing of the meal to meet the Ramadan schedule of breaking at 8:40 for Werdi. But, I go to bed thinking, 'breakfast and lunch is what it is, and oh, shit, what about later tonight.'

Pizza's the solution, but Kanyea, it turns out, doesn't eat it - another Edem. So, we shall see how we make do over the next month.

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