Sunday, June 11, 2017

Celebrating a Mentor, Colleague, Friend, and Passionate Educator, Dr. Patricia Calderwood

Drs. Wendy Kohli and Patricia Calderwood 
Last night, my colleague Dr. Emily Smith hosted a retirement gathering for Dr. Patrician Calderwood, with retiree Dr. Wendy Kohli - a trifecta of absolute awesomeness in the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions.

Pat is, hands down, a monumental figure in our department and has been a kind, generous, productive, and patient leader who has endured much in her tenure on the campus, but lived with integrity and poise. She speaks her mind, allows truth to be told, and models how one should live a career of scholarship, service, and teaching.

When I interviewed for the Connecticut Writing Project position, I was trapped in Wisconsin because of a blizzard and she miraculously found a way for me to fly to NYC from Chicago (if I could get there - which I did by Greyhound), before she took me to her home and washed the only clothes I had with me. My intent was to fly to Syracuse, then train to the campus, but I couldn't get home because of the storms. I ended up, frenzied, being driven by Pat down I-95 from NY so I could make my teaching and research talk. She went beyond the call of duty which, I heard from others at the picnic, has always been true of her personality.

The picture above captures all the joy the two of them brought to Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation. Pat hates fanfare and, to be honest, I'm shocked that anyone was able to talk her into a party in her honor. She likes to do her magic behind the scenes and without attention falling onto her.

I feel blessed to have been guided and led by her during my first five years learning the ins and outs of higher education, especially the garbage that I have zero patience for. Dr. Calderwood, however, showed me the importance of backbone, biting the lip, returning to the good we should be doing, and the artwork of community service (for which I am most grateful).

Here's to her and her retirement. It will not be the same without her. My wishes are for total joy and happiness in every day forth. These two women deserve excellence in their post-work life because that is what they gave to our campus before they departed.

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