Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Two Weeks This Face Will Greet All Who Enters Mt. Pleasant - Mr. Jake

The out-of-town guests have arrived, including Mr. Jake who has been looking at me with this mug ever since he arrived (I've told Kanyea and Werdi to expect that all of their personal space will be invaded, because the dogs think they are the kings and queens of the universe).

Last night was a downpour, so after work it was a cheeseburger at the Sitting Duck and then retreating to the couch until falling asleep.

The humidity and rain simply wiped us out.

I hate Mondays and yesterday's Monday was too much, especially after a weekend of doing nothing but school work. It is always frustrating when everyone else returns to work and add this SNAFU and this policy and this restriction - come on, people...I've lived in my office trying to make everything possible...can't you but some slack when you return on Monday. CWP IS a part of the University. Why treat us as 2nd class citizens?

That's my rant.

In 24 hours, the Boys from Syracuse will be on a train heading this way and I'll be preparing teacher orientations and students arrivals.

In the meantime? This face. That's what keeps it all going (the pooch-guest).

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