Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Year Four - Getting Ready to Kick-Off Another Season of Young Adult Literacy Labs

Hired 17 educators. Accepted another 30 for teaching institutes. Currently registered 100 youth, with another 45 on scholarship. We know there are more to come - there always are.

Books have been ordered: The Crossover, Oh, Yeah, Teaching Argument, Solo, Flying Lessons & Other Stories.

Supplies are trickling in, including 250 composition books and summer program stickers. A t-shirt is designed (yesterday's post) and contracts are being signed.

Buses are being arranged. Rooms are confirmed. Technology is readied.

My office is an absolute pig-sty and I have faith it will be organized very soon.

Paper. Paper. And more Paper. Emails. Emails. And More Emails. Phone Calls to return.

A program manager who is superb at managing my brain and enthusiasm. The Finance Officer on our campus and her brilliant assistant still love me, but hate when all the June arrangements come their way (they, like all of us, are trying to close out the academic year, and CWP's is just beginning).

One more stop to a K-8 school, followed by a high school visit.

This is Ubuntu...I couldn't be luckier.

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