Monday, June 19, 2017

The Fifteen Drafts Rule - Ready To Hit The Send Button and Move On

I stayed in my office late on Friday (before the haircut), then went back at it all day Saturday (while prepping and helping the Pam Mt. Pleasant move), then hunkered down on Sunday in the humidity, to tackle a chapter for an Exemplary African American Young Adult Novelists book with an aim of February 2018. I received positive feedback the first time, but I have learned from experience that a piece of writing, once completed, needs 15 additional edits.

You can see from the right that I still use ink and hard copies when I get to the final phases. This time, I had to cut 1000 words and de-wording as a love of mine - although I still have 350 to cut. Ugh.

I am somewhat thankful by the distraction, as Kentucky heat came to Connecticut this weekend and it was nasty outside. I walked Glamis in the morning and mowed the lawn at night, but it was a sticky, uncomfortable day - I felt bad for Patrick and Pam, who were soaked in sweat when I went to retrieve their hounds to lighten up their move.

Mae, in thunder shirt, was nervous all day by the rearrangements and emptying of the house. At 10 p.m., her daddy Patrick came to get her and all went calm.

But it's Monday. Here we go...let's the trumpets blow.

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