Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Eeyore, Charlie Brown, & Of Course This Happens Now. #Hope

Yesterday, my laptop was returned to me, and they rebuilt the hard drive, returning all my files to where they once were. I spent an hour or so formatting to my liking, and then hit a SNAFU. All my files wouldn't open, because they were created, it said, in versions to new for the ones on the machine.

ITS. Frank. Alert.

Long story short, my laptop is back in the shop. I have a loaner and can get by, but all my files remain on the ill machine. I take files I need for work at night, but then I always forget this or than one, paralyzing what it is I'm supposed to get done.

Let's see: 5 weeks of summer literacy labs and teacher institutes, 5 grants (two needing to close in June), and a tenure dossier all on my radar this summer and I'm with the silver Apple cloud over my head...not the good ICloud, either - the Uck my life kind.

Ram. Ram. Ram. Ram. Ram.

I'm channeling the horns. I will plow forward (and Dr. Anne Campbell said, "Think of it this way - you'll always have a story that you'll never forget").

She's right, but right now I want to be in the ebb and flow of getting things done without the constant need to drive to ITS to get this file or that file.

The good news is that the loaner is hooked up to a printer now...Phew! At least I have that.

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