Wednesday, June 21, 2017

From Pam's Basement To Chitunga's Bedroom - Just Like Mimi's Doll

While Chitunga was staying at Mimi's he freaked out by a red-headed doll my mom transported from Hamilton, New York. I didn't know there was a doll in the room, but he said it stared at him, freaking him out. He stayed in my room, which is the space my parents converted into a guest bedroom the second I left for college.

When my grandparents' home was cleaned out, the doll came with my mom and I guess is stored in my old room. I never noticed, but the doll seemed to stalk Chitunga while he stayed there.

He turned it so it faced a corner. Mom turned it back around. He turned it. She turned it back around. And then my mom put it in his bed under the pillow. She won.

With all of stuff in the garage, I couldn't help but grab the dirty Shirley Temple doll and send a photo to Chitunga to say, "Look, a doll found your bed in Connecticut, too."

Little joke. The doll is now in Pam's room looking at her. Tunga's room is actually quiet, until the out-of-town guests arrive this afternoon (then the noise and chaos will begin).

In the meantime, there will be mini-nighbares about a plastic doll with bad curly hair and an inability to blink. I can see why one would be freaked out.

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