Thursday, June 29, 2017

Then You Learn Your Little Sister Had Jaw Surgery During National Refugee Awareness Week

You would think that my little sister would know better than to send me a post-surgery photograph of a jaw procedure on a day when I was trying to settle in on a new season of BIG BROTHER! She's the one who addicted me to this show and now I'm wondering, "How the heck did I not know that she was going into surgery this week?"

 I love my sister to death, and someone this isn't something you share with your brother? I knew there was discussion of the procedure, but you'd think someone would contact me so I could have her in my thoughts. I'm just thankful that all went well and everything is okay.

Ah, the punishment for not telling me is this post-surgery post ("I wasn't thinking when I sent it to you"). Seriously...

Yes, I'm an ass....

But I love my sister and want everything to be okay.
I'm her big brother and that is what I'm supposed to do, but this includes worrying. I din't even have such an opportunity because I didn't know.

And n addition to a successful surgery, there was also a wonderful celebration during Refugee Awareness Week held at Sea Side in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Several families I have worked with since arriving to Connecticut were there, as well as community organizations that I've loved working with. After six years in the state, it felt like a family union

Som oef these kids have been with Ubuntu Academy since year one, and one of the teachers (besides me) has been here since the beginning.

I couldn't be more proud (and will need to save my Keynote Skype session with Kanyea, Akbar, Omar, and Ali to the University of Florida for another day - it's too good not too share and I'm still wiping away tears of laughter and joy from the experience).

Happy Refugee Awareness Week!
Also, I wish my little sister the best recovery after her procedures.

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