Monday, June 26, 2017

Hard To Believe That Nikkerdoodles @NikkiIsgar is 21 Years Old Today. Phew

Well, I missed my niece's first illegal, day before being legal, alcoholic drink at a bar. There was a gathering in CNY with saddles and margaritas that I missed (Isgars, party of 12 please). Her Dad, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, sent me this photograph of her reaction to the drink. I believe she was being a bit dramatic here (she has a flare for that, after all).

Blink of an eye. I am remember my own 21st, Casey's 21st, and all the 21sts as they occurred for friends. It doesn't seem possible that she's now 21, but that's the way it all goes. I remember a huge blizzard during mine, and somehow we managed to make it to the RATT in Binghamton to celebrate. After 21, everyone becomes the same age and it all blurs.

I am singing Happy Birthday to you, Nikki, as CWP-Fairfield welcomes 100 writers for Little Labs, Novel Writing I, and Sports Writing. The first day is always the craziest as we try to get out heads around signing kids in, allergies, needs, materials, and flow. By day two, things run smoother.

Entering this Monday, though, feeling semi accomplished. We did the first round of painting of the porch (a three hour job turning into 7, and another day - as they always do). Also was able to burn many a branch in the fire pit Chitunga bought me for Father's Day last year.

Okay, I need to hit the highways...I'm afraid of 95 traffic and there's much to get done to kick things off. Fingers crossed for a great summer.

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