Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cutting My Hair For Nicaragua in Support of Graduate Students at Fairfield

Crandall, Pre-Cut
I knew I needed a haircut.

I am cheap. I go to barbers and have never done the fancy-schmancy salon think. But a graduate student who works in the Graduate School of Education was persuasive - she and one of my favorite colleagues, Dr. Ginny Kelly, are raising money for a service trip to Nicaragua and I thought, "Well, I need a haircut. $25 for charity is a good cause."

So I went. I was shampooed and treated like royalty. There's nothing like someone else washing your hair. I wish that was a daily occurrence as I started my day. I feel like a dog in the tub (someone else is doing all the work).I felt so good about the haircut that I also left a donation for the cause.

"Get Glam for a Good Cause" was not only a nod to the incredible wonder dog, Glamis, but it is also a fundraiser for counselor education that is working in Nicaragua with women and children around issues of domestic violence. The hair stylists donated their time to Jillian so that all money could support the initiative. It was amazing. I never thought that such a cause, besides St. Baldrick's, could be so strategic.

I don't have a post-haircut shot, but I must say that I am beyond satisfied with my haircut. I go to Barbers and I'm used to barber-treatment. Although this haircut was inexpensive, I double/even tripled the cost because the cause was so phenomenal. I am all round of applause for Jillian and her excellence in thinking about innovative ways to raise funds. Wow! I'm impressed.

Of course, my stylist also told me what she usually gets per cut and I feel like I walked away with a HUGE bargain (um, Fairfield County for sure).

There is always a way to give back and I'm a huge fan of looking out for others. There are certain inevitable: bathrooms, taxes, and haircuts, so I'm shouting out to Jillian and H Salaon at 2060 Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut, for making this possible. Jillian interned at the Salon and they loved her - this hard work led to this event.

This is what I stand for: do what you love, and do what you love with a mission to help others. I'm aging, but I'm feeling good about my haircut. I went GLAM for a GREAT CAUSE!

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