Friday, June 16, 2017

Looks Like I Will Welcome Shampoo Planet To Mt. Pleasant For a Few Weeks

In the transition from a home in Monroe to a home in Milford, I will be housing my twin sister, separated by birth and a few years older, for a couple of weeks until all the closings go through. Yesterday, I got a text saying she needed to drop off a few items on her way for an oil change and I was home writing.

She arrived with boxes of...

...well, shampoo.

Apparently there have been sales, a few of them, and she is stocking up in case her hair grows out like Rapunzel's. My lonely bottle of Head and Shoulders will like my twin sister's sorority of hair products and, perhaps, so will Ali Adan and Kanyea Sayon who will be joining Mt. Pleasant next week.

I told her I was going to write about it and I don't think she believe me. Ah, but I loved reading Shampoo Planet in my my early 20s and, because of this, Douglas Coupland became one of my favorite writers.

Moving stinks...period.

Moving with a museum of hair products doesn't stink as bad, because I'm sure each brand has a distinct smell pleasurable to summer breezes and floral arrangements. Now I'm curious if all this will get used in the two weeks she's moving in for the summer OR if we are going to open a hair salon in the garage or a dog grooming business.

Seriously. I am sending warm fuzzies and good vibes her way because it is never fun packing a household to be relocated somewhere else. I remember when my father helped me back my POD and he said, "Why do you need all these books?"

Well, they're part of my family. I guess I am meeting more of Pam's family this summer.

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