Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And Day One is Over and It is Already Day Two. Phew

Hey, Bryan.


We need a story to work with real quick...one written for young adolescents.

Okay. Like what?

Something engaging.

Wait. I have a 100 copies of Flying Lessons & Other Stories in my office. Will they work with your kids? They're perfect.

This is what happened yesterday during day on of our Young Adult Literacy Labs. I had the book for a project laster this summer, but it turns out they were just as valuable for Novel Writing: Character matters. Well, that's good use for you.

100 young people arrived to campus with 9 teachers, two teaching assistants, 3 Ubuntu Academy Literacy leaders, and two undergraduates. All helped Caryn and I to pull off a successful first day with out too much drama (besides the fact that drop off was also the same time was freshman orientation. Talk about traffic!

It's all good. We survived, and the reward is to turn back around and do it all again tomorrow with more energy and funk (even if the first day did me...Three floors of Canisius Hall for 6 hours: up and down, up and down and up and down).

No wonder I slept.

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