Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day, 2017 - Thinking of All The Dads Out There & Celebrating My Own

Happy Father's Day, Butch!

After a day of working on the home in preparation of the chaos to come, I am thinking of CNY and the Butches, Mikes, and Daves who are being applauded, gifted and celebrated today. I'm glad, too, my package arrived earlier this week (better his than Cousin Mark's whose gift came back because I sent it to Hedges Lane and not a P.O. Box - who'd a thunk it?).

I'm hoping for a day of barbecues, beers, laughter, memories, stories, and spotlights on all to come for all my dad friends and family out there. I, however, will be in a chair writing all day...that's the reality of this summer....parenting this CWP child of mine.

At 45, I realize how much I love and cherish everything my father, PAPI BUTCH, has done for me, especially though offering the foundation from which I have been able to step into the world. I'm a lucky son of a Butch, indeed (and I cherish this each and every day).

I'm sure, too, my father reflects on days like this of his own father, Ken, and growing up on Main Street in Sherburne, New York, before meeting my mom (and her father, Spencer) and starting his life in Utica and Syracuse. He saw one, two, and then three children come his way (not to mention many dogs that licked his face over the years...and then there is Karl, who is with him right now and hopefully not licking his face - but it wouldn't surprise me if he was).

Yes, all those years with our noise, nagging, begging, yelling, and mouths running "like a whipperwill's ass." He showed his support of us through travel, coaching, umping, crewing the pit, and eventually supporting the grandchildren. That investment has paid off (even when the scratch-off tickets I sent were absolute duds).

I love you, dad, and wish I was there to hug you in person. Rather, I'll let Chitunga be the one to bring you a beer or to make you an omelet. It's his job today to share love for you in my place. Would be great, too, if Lossine and Abu could come out to challenge you and Karl to a game of Corn Hole! Heck! There might be a fundraiser to create in 2018...father and son tournaments in your backyard. Mom would love having all those people at her house.

Thinking of you today, as I do each and every day. So appreciative, Butch! Thank you, and make the day count! It stinks being a state away on days like this. I am with you in spirit!

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