Friday, June 23, 2017

When Your House Guest Wears Magnum Bar Pajamas (Sort Of)

On his first night, Kanyea announced he was cold and going to go put on his pajamas. He returned in full African gown and I said, "Yo. You're dressed like a Magnum Bar," and lucky for me I had the European Magnum bars in my fridge. There you go - you are what you eat.

Yesterday was the first day of Bryan-style campus life and I had to laugh when they through in the towel at 4 wanting to come home for a nap. I tried. I thought I couldn't hook them for another 4 hours of work, but I understand that 12 hour days is more my style and not that of other.

When I came home form work at 8 p.m. they were out (upstairs asleep). It was all good, because it gave me time to pull out dinner from the fridge (after the teacher orientation only left Italian sandwiches, which had pork - total lost for this household).

The orientation went well, though, and everyone seemed to be hooked by the work we're setting out to do with College Ready Writers Program.

Today, though, we're finishing touches with our work, and sad that John Legend got sick and canceled his concern tonight (it's all good - we'll get there later in July).

Phew. These day are blending together as I knew they would. Inhaling and exhaling, making one day make it to the next.

It's Friday. Enjoy.

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