Monday, July 31, 2017

Trading Places, Returning Places, Relearning Places, and Home Again, Once Again

And on the 1st day off in a long time, I drove to Syracuse, to return boys to Syracuse and to see family in Syracuse. I don't think my car could have been any more packed, as Glamis had to sit on Ali's lap and there was not space enough for a piece of rice. They road well together, but I felt horrible for both. He starts a new camp in Albany this week and Kanye is staying with a friend. Challenging, indeed.

It's crazy now to visit Syracuse when Chitunga has his own place and routine, so it feels like I'm a guest in his world. It's also tricky because he has a full agenda: work, school, and studies, so my time off doesn't coincide with time to play and catch up. I guess this is the way we all transition. I had to check where there is space in the week so we can actually catch up. It will happen.

Without Ali and Kanye in the house, however, I'll miss the modeling and posing (here, I jumped in to make fun of the kid who doesn't take a bad picture. I had to ruin it for him).

And I'm thinking about this morning. Will it really be a Monday where I'm not up getting things ready to go at 6 a.m.? Can I just sit staring out my parent's window, being nosy observing neighbors as I sip my coffee?

Why, yes I can! And I will.

The only problem is I don't have my fan that I love to have when sleeping. I'm laughing, because I'm wondering how we would have fit that into the car.

Okay, Monday. Let's try to chill Bryan out (he laughs, knowing that at 7 pm he as contacted by the State to say a report is due tomorrow. Really? 24 hour notice. I can't catch a break.

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