Monday, July 10, 2017

It's Hard For Me To Chill, but After A Day of Writing, I Allowed Myself Beach Time

The weatherman said, 'No humidity. Sunny skies. Low 80s."

It's July. I knew I needed to take advantage of abnormal weather without humidity, so I got up early yesterday and wrote, wrote, wrote, so that I could head to the beach in the afternoon during high tide.

We succeeded.

And we play da few hours of volleyball and got our a##es handed to us by two 40 year olds who really knew what they were doing. Howard and Alisha joined us with their kids and, in summary, we simply soaked in the rays until I told everyone I was becoming a lobster and needed cover.

We returned and I grilled out (which is another summer luxury): steak, corn, wieners, tater tots, salad, and bread. I said it last year and I will repeat here: I am cheap when it is just me. You add eaters like these two and I'm in absolute awe: how can you eat two steaks and three beef hotdogs a piece while downing half a loaf of bread and then say, "Is there any more?'

I told them it will catch up to them. It has to.

So, today, we kick of another week of Young Adult Literacy Labs, this time another round of Little Labs and Novels, with the addition of Poetry & Plays to replace Sports Writing. We have a full crowd coming in and are experimenting with scholarships for relocated youth who are too young to do Ubuntu - we are enrolling them in other literacy labs to continue countering literacy loss during the summer months.

All weekend, I've been getting reports from my teachers sharing their excitement for the work we're doing - It's all love!

Now, fingers crossed - let's hope the paper work this week is not as extreme as the last three!

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