Friday, July 28, 2017

John Legend, Ubuntu, LRNG, CWP-Fairfield, Friday Morning, Scratching My Head, Well

 I am writing this post a couple days ahead. Why? I know that five weeks of summer programming ends today and that, well, the John Legend concert scheduled in late June was altered to late July because the singer had a headache.

Long story short, because of LRNG work a few years ago, John Legend's people remembered the CT work and wanted me to coordinate teachers to attend his concert at Foxwoods Casino. We did an all call for a June date and only a few could attend. So, we booked tickets, but Abu and Lossine decided they were in Syracuse all summer, so we pulled in Kanye and Ali. Then the concert was cancelled.

Now, it's back on and it was last night. Legend sent us tickets. I knew that I was likely to get home super late and, being today is the last day of CWP-Fairfield events for now, I wouldn't have time to I pulled together photos to be place holders and promise more to come.

Seriously, 5 weeks of authors, writers, teachers, and kids culminating with John Legend. Um...
Who would have ever thought this for a dork from CNY?

So, take this post as my Friday placeholder. I am feeling like a Lucky Son of a Butch, indeed.

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