Sunday, July 2, 2017

I'm From Siracusa, New York (I Think). Italian for Syracuse

For a few years, I've seen the Siracusa trucks and I had to laugh when Kanye and Werdi saw it and asked, "Did they spell Syracuse wrong?"

Actually, it's an Italian spelling of a food company in CT.

Every time I see the trucks, though, I  do my best Pete Caroli impersonation and say, "Siracusa, New York. Thatza where I'm from."

We, by luck of many coincidences, ended up in Hartford, CT, for the USA vs. Ghana soccer match (a friendly one on an American tour). It was great to see all the Ghanaians in the northeast coming out with their colorful flags and clothes to cheer on their national team. The USA won, though, 2-1. The game was great and it was worth the adventure.

Better yet, it was great to be able to bring the summer crew to a big-time event (although it wasn't as big time as it could have been).

Okay, it's Sunday. Time to make a list of what's to be done. I'm exhausted, but that's no excuse.

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