Sunday, July 23, 2017

Then, The Next Day, You Discover You Never Titled the Post

I am hoping to extend barbecue season into November, but for now, I simply will do steaks for summer guests who stop by on a Saturday night for cocktails and corn hole. Lucky for us, we had enough steak (as this was what was left when we finished).

Okay, so leftovers are gone, but it' all good.

It's Sunday. The temperature today is a high that is 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. The front coming through, too, will bring no storms. I'm curious how this will happen.

The day is supposed to be dreary and low key, too. I'm simply hoping to finish couple books and to get ahead for the last week of Young Adult Literacy labs.

I did one last trip to BJs for the week and I hope I got enough materials to finish off dining on Mt. Pleasant for the summer (meat, meat and more meat).

Lawn's mowed. Car's washed. Laundry's done. Now, perhaps a day of rest before Big Brother begins tonight. Might even head to the movies.

We shall see.

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