Sunday, July 30, 2017

Road Trip, But First An Important Poem Written With Our Lakota Friends This Summer

Somehow, yesterday, the agenda was met. In fact, I said I was going to clean my house, too, and at midnight I finished the task. Why? Because I like to return to a clean house so it feels like I'm moving into a hotel. It was a mess, too.

The morning was spent in my office chiseling away at the items needing to be done by Monday (but I missed several)...I just can't keep up.

Meanwhile, as I was typing away, our Lakota friends had a 4 a.m. pick up for their flight back to South Dakota. This was their first time away from home, on an airplane, and in a new state. They were scared to death, shy, and apprehensive, but they came around. They were incredible and I applauded their every move in Connecticut, especially their trip to New York City where they "Stood Up To the Bull" with the Little Girl. That's what inspired the poem.
I was most pleased when they reported, "We'll be next year for sure. We can't wait." I was excited to hear the news.

So, today as I drive to my homelands I wish them the best in theirs. Ashanti, Juanita, Sunni, Erika, and Autumn - Here's to you! You should be extremely proud for your accomplishments and success. Go and achieve the world!

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