Monday, July 24, 2017

Celebrating a Birthday With A Spectacular Woman At Walnut Beach

I tell myself every Sunday that I'm going to sleep in, but for some reason, my body always wakes me up an hour earlier than usual, so I was up at 5. The good news is the boys don't have this problem and they slept until l0 giving me plenty of time to read and write, so when they got up, I simply went for a run. We then set an agenda for the day which included the New Haven Flea Market (boy, that is people watching to the billionth degree), followed by a tour of Yale University, then a visit to Walnut Beach for an impromptu Beverly Robinson birthday celebration. We met Pam, Kaitlyn, Leo, Patrick, Jake, and Pam there for the Sunday ban, light food, and a final weekend gathering.

It's hard to believe that the CWP-Fairfield summer programs are in the last week after 5 weeks of crazy. We have two labs and a teacher institute. There's only one more teacher institute to go this summer.

I'm excited about Wednesday, when we bring teachers and Project Citizen together for a lesson on arguments, but also as we workshop the pieces they're working on for their own publications.

Finally, we went from 90 degrees and sweat buckets to needing sweatshirt and feeling like football season. How did that happen?

It just did. Can't complain, though - I'm warm-blooded and prefer the cooler temps.

Happy Birthday, Bev!

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