Thursday, July 20, 2017

And On Day Three: Haiku, Ubuntu, and Dance Dance Dance

It was another day where I experienced, experienced, experienced, and I experienced and couldn't absorb it all. I simply kept thinking, "I wish educators all across the United States could experience all of this."

We united Project Citizen with Ubuntu Academy for an afternoon of dialogue, dance, and relocation stories. On Tuesday, Kanye and I watched the opening of So You Think You Can Dance where I was inspired by so many genres of dance being performed by such talented movers. I made the case that dance, like song, is universal (and we sank happy birthday to one of the kids). We made the case that storytelling is also universal, but language barriers keep some from communicating. Adichie helped us with this, "Be careful of the single story."

From there, Ali and Kanye shared their stories of how we met, how they've achieved, and where they are heading (inspiration for the kids just arriving and educational for everyone else born in America).

We ended with asking Lambert to teach us some African dance moves, which he did (followed by Jessica and William, which struggled from the audio difficulties). Still, it was miraculous to see kids from all walks of life enhancing language with one another and become part of a united front.

Earlier, I worked with Project Citizen to prepare for Chris Crowe's talk later this afternoon. We discussed haiku and I modeled an epic one about my own passion - using Ubuntu to bring communities together to write.  And with that, I will let my wonderful older sister present the poem (click it enlarge it)

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