Saturday, July 22, 2017

It's Saturday, It Was a Phenomenal Week, I'm Happy, But I Need to Big Time Veg!

Yesterday, I began the day watching Dave Wooley lead a hip hop lyrics workshop with Project Citizen, seeing Colin and Michael offer advice for final college essay drafts, and witnessed Jessica, and her smile, playing a beach ball game with Ubuntu Academy, with prompts getting them to have dialogue with one another and to practice their English.

This is CWP-Fairfield. This is summer. This is a love and you for investing in young writers and stellar teachers.

We also welcomed Aimee Jette and Art in Common, Inc., to do really awesome collage work with drafts of their writing and their thinking. The end project will be Project Citizen - the book, and Ubuntu Academy - the book: collections of artwork crafted with their words to inspire what they created. It was a fun (and as Shaun said, "therapeutic" day).

When we got home, Kanye and Ali immediately hit their beds and I just sat in the heat numb. On Fridays, I can't put together a coherent sentence and all I can do is recollect the week that just was and hope the two days will re-energize me for the work that is still to come.

In the end, though, I am thinking about photographs like this and totally loving the work we're doing. Tim Huminski of Joel Barlow High School came by to see what was occurring and seemed to be a bit awestruck. It is rather awesome, I must admit.

Happy Saturday.

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