Thursday, July 13, 2017

Just So The World Knows, I'm Not All That Is Ridiculous In It. Okay?

On Wednesdays, another student student group on campus comes dressed in all sorts of costuming. Usually, the outfits are manga, superheroes, and goblin-esque, but today we had our first Tyrannosaurus Rex. When Kanye and I were getting ready for the morning, the T-Rex came out and attacked us. I had to get a photograph, because (well) that is summer at Fairfield University.

Geez. Is it Thursday already? I don't know because I did a 14 hour day on campus yesterday and don't know if I'm asleep, awake, somewhere in-between or totally a piece of the past!

Yesterday, we had several special guests to campus (besides the T-Rex) and I'm very excited that Alisha Jean Denis and Matthew P. Winkler graced us with their expertise.

We also are a little more prepared for Ubuntu Academy, Project Citizen, and College Essay next week. There is a big group heading our way and we're excited that they will join the excellence that has already occurred this summer.

Meanwhile, this guy knows that he has deadlines ahead of them that are very important and that need to be met. There's no room in his office to accomplish these goals (or to sleep there), but he's optimistic he'll find the right space and mindset to meet these goals.

Today, we have another day of writing, plus a lot to do for our Friday prom (including pizza orders -which are imperative to the work). I must say, though - our Ubuntu Youth Leaders have been a tremendous asset to our summer programming and I don't know how I did the work without them. It's amazing!

Stay cool.

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