Monday, July 3, 2017

It's July. The Humidity Is Here, but I Persevered. Days I Wish I Had a Pool

I thought I would be productive, but the humidity crept up way too fast. The boys were still sleeping, so I hit the deck for touch up jobs -phew! too hot!

So, as they made pancakes, I made arrangements to bring materials to Pam's new condo and to see the new location which will welcome her this week. We made it there by noon, and it's perfect for her - a hop, skip, and jump to the beach, a nice pool, and awesome walking territories.

She stayed and I came home to work on downstairs plumbing. The boys who eventually woke up, when back upstairs for a nap and I took advantage of the quiet. I did laundry, cleaned up the house and prepared dinner for Bev, Leo, Kaitlyn, Pam, Ali, Kanyea, Pat, and Stephanie, who I knew would come her after the concert at the beach. I was too hot - I knew I wouldn't enjoy myself, especially since I'm exhausted.

I'm happy for Pam and her new location. It is great space and an awesome location. I am thinking it will be perfect for dog walks with Glamis. 7 minutes is a lot closer than 30 minutes to Monroe.

The humidity is suppose to break today, so I look forward to getting back to the painting outside (and the lawn). It's too much, though, with the heat so high!

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