Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Managed Half A Day Without Work And Am Proud Of This

Mustapha making his corn hole debut on Amalfi Drive.
Reports. Reports. Reports.

Emails. Emails. Emails.

Fires. Fires. Fires.

That's what I do, especially on a Monday morning when everyone returns to work. But I'm not there. I'm in Syracuse (and my parents watch my frustration as the work comes in and don't understand why I can't just draw a line). It's the position. It gets old, but I really do love it.

By noon, I was able to go for a run, and by 2 I was helping to clean the cabinets. I was grateful for Lauri, who came over to join my mom for a cocktail, which inspired me to run to the store and get ingredients. By 5, Rhiannon came over and by 6 I was on the grill. The twins wrote they were on the way, too (and didn't show up until 7:30, because they picked up Mustapha who was still at work).

We got a few corn hole games in before the mosquitos ate us alive.

By 9, Chitunga joined us looking for food, and by 9:30 were inside to get away from the bugs and to catch up with Sue and Butch.

Long story short, it was all laughs, as always.

And by 10:30, I had a bowl of ice-cream (see, I really can relax from time time to time).

Bring on Tuesday.

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