Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Returning to a Blooming Garden and a Blossoming Heart

This was one of those summers with abundant rain. I knew I'd have to mow the lawn when I returned, but I didn't expect to return to a garden so vibrant with butterfly and hummingbird life. This is the 3rd summer, so the seep, creep, then leap motto is in full effect. The backyard is taking off and now next year I'll be able to divided and conquer.

I spent a vast amount of the day (7 hours) putting away and sorting through materials from the five weeks, 230 kid bonanza that were Young Adult Literacy Labs. When I opened my office door knowing it would be the trashed room I left it to be, I failed to remember that I also ordered several books that arrived and were piled onto the stacks that were already there. One more teacher institute and I can say Summer '17 is finally at its end...well, one more teacher institute and several days of back-to-school professional development.

Leo and I went to Pam's to do some drill work, hanging items that she needed around the house. Bev, Leo's husband, presented me with a gift she picked up at a Milford art show. It was a tie sewn by an organization working with refugee women and in between drill bits and battery packs, she tells me the tie was made by a local woman and her biography was in the package. When I pulled out the card I said, "I might know her."

Guess what? I did. It was Akbaru's mom, who is supplementing their family's income by sewing these ties to make extra income. I couldn't believe it and knew it was an extra special gift. I immediately texted Akbaru who responded, "Wow! That's my mom! My mom made this."

I will definitely will wear it with pride (and joy). It was made by Our Woven Community.
Sauda is originally from Burundi. Sauda lost her mother and siblings due to violence. She escaped Burndi with three children [twin boys and, of course, Akbaru] and fled to a refugee camp in Tanzania. She spent 15 years there before arriving to the United States. Sauda enjoys being a part of OWC because she gets to meet new people and can help provide for her family
I am touched and honored to wear such a special gift that was made from the heart, and purchased with such heart.

I'm entering my Wednesday feeling reentered by love, community, and the goodness that sometimes exist. Both my mind and heart blossomed yesterday. I am feeling lucky, indeed.

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