Sunday, August 6, 2017

Some Oneida Lake Time - One of CNY's Best Kept Secrets (LOVE)

We don't have a boat on the waters any more, and I don't think I have any friends left in the area, but Borios still exists and they had pike on the menu for mom (dad had frog legs - yuck), so it was a great way to have dinner looking out at the water.

Casey and I arrived early with the boys, so we wandered into the gazebo and by the water - the gray skies and intermittent sunlight created wonderful colors on the water as we ate. Showers fell in some locations, while sunshine danced in others.

I finally had chicken riggies, too - the Utica dish, and I have to say I loved it, but wish it was a side dish and not a main's a bit much.

The boys, Casey, and I also hit the miniature golf course and I was triumphant. Casey and I were tired halfway through, but then it all fell apart for her (ha ha).

The evening finished with a couple beers at Cynderballz, while Chitunga and Mike got engrossed in a Will Smith movie and I napped.

Oneida Lake, though. I am missing that space (always a dream to be able to look out to that water on a daily basis). It's so beautiful. Such a luxury and secret to the area. Would love to be out there fishing on a daily basis.

Maybe someday. Maybe not.

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