Thursday, August 3, 2017

It Was Hump Day, But Now It's Thursday & Big Brother Is On Again Tonight

Glamis, Max, and Bella
Best part of yesterday? Backyard barbecue and puppy dogs. Delicious chicken, grilled vegetables and the ever-so-tasty Moscow Mules.

Earlier in the day, I surprised Chitunga with a Wegman's sub at Solvay Bank, I picked up Kanye to meet my parents, and we took Dylan for a driving experience (before he went to get a haircut).

I also got a run in! That works for me.

Now, I'm letting the day pass by so that we can see what's next on Big Brother (I'm an addict. I admit it). As mom says, "These are the fastest hours of the week."

Speaking of mom, she's halfway through Solo and she sent out her first video tweet this afternoon (actually, I recorded and I sent it out). I think she enjoyed her mules and I know it helps her that I am able to run up and own the stairs quickly for refills and to get the rest of items for dinner.

Did I mention how good the chicken was? Man, Dinosaur BBQ sauce I tell you...and Cynde marinated hers with Speedie sauce. You have to love CNY flavors.

Ah, but today is Thursday. There isn't much on the radar but meeting up with Chitunga and heading to my little sister's house tonight. I know Glamis would like a walk and I need another run before the day is over. Maybe the sun will stay out and I will get into the pool, too. That would be a blessing.

I am liking my new work until noon motto of my CNY stay. I actually get R & R time, too.

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