Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Dirty Truth of 2017, It's About Over. Here's Hoping for a Tremendous 2018

The wintry mix yesterday made for a slower trip home to Connecticut, and it didn't help that the blue sky prediction changed over to a mini-snow fiesta in Stratford when I returned. I will definitely need to refill my windshield washer fluid because it was a dirty and gross time on the road (I can't even see my license plate and it was too cold for car washes to be open). The good news? Hamilton, the music, for my travels despite the nervousness of a dog in the back seat.

So, today is the last day of 2017 and it was a Crazy year, as I predicted 365 days ago. It's time to ring in 2018, and although I still feel like partying like it's 1999 (every year leading up to that year, that is), I'm optimistic that more magic will arrive to us all in due time.

On my travels home, I started thinking about the year that just was (which is a tradition for the voyage) and decided my last blog of the year would have to be a recap of the best highlights since this time last year.

So, What Was 2017?
  1. This is Us was a nice addition and I admit I'm an addict.
  2. The dossier files were turned in and I was able to recap the first 6 years at Fairfield University (all the graphs, charts, lists, reflection, evaluations, and work - still in PTSD mode over that).
  3. Chitunga was dropped of at LeMoyne College and he had two fantastic semesters, although I hate not having him at home. He's finding his way in CNY and loving his proximity to family and the work he's able to do (although it is non-stop)
  4. I got socks from the socks of the month club and it brought joy every time a new pair arrived.
  5. Attallah gave birth to Zoriah! 
  6. Sue McV had our backs for Run For Refugees and we brought a record number of runners with us to honor her kindness.
  7. I received the Elizabeth M. Pfriem Award Civic Leadership Award, the George Lang Award, and learned that in 2018 I would receive the Divergent Award for 21st Century Literacies.
  8. Chitunga and I were able to attend some of the ACC tournament in NYC before the Writing Our Lives conference.
  9. Saw Into the Heights and was introduced to the lyrics of Hamilton. I'm a sucker for lyrics and rhyme...always have been and always will be.
  10. Chitunga, my mom, and I visited Sherburne and Hamilton to visit old sites and to pay respect to Annie and Spence in Hubbardsville. Later in the year, Chitunga and I traveled to East Hampton and did the same with Ken and Vera. Those were two meaningful experiences that will be with me for life.
In between all of these highlights are many more, including time spent with family, good health (for the most part) of all, wonderful students, and the continued work with the Connecticut Writing Project. Even though nightly news made me sick to my stomach and the angst of cable stations had me nervous for the nation, I have to say the good, as always, outdoes the dirty.

So, I think the first thing I will do in 2018 is find a place where I can get my car washed. I like to begin anew fresh and clean, letting bygones be bygones. I wish I could have been successful at talking Chitunga into coming back to CT for a couple of days, but with this winter's craziness, he's probably better staying close to his work and school.

I'm tipping a mug of coffee to all you with wishes for the best 12 months possible. It's been CRAZY, but I'm ready to put my head back into the clouds for 2018 and be more in touch with my dreams, imagination, and fantasies. Let the 11th year of this blogging thing continue!

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