Thursday, December 28, 2017

It's My Older Sister's Birthday & I Baked Her A Cake (and made this video)

The yearly ritual continues, where we over-do the Christmas holiday, and then put a cherry on the cake for my older sister's birthday on December 28th. I spent last night making her a cake and today we will gather to sing her birthday wishes, laugh, and listen to her complain about receiving any attention.

It seems like yesterday Cynde was eating a slice of pizza upside down after a night on the hill, when she sang "I feel pretty," and balanced herself on the edges of her waterbed. I think I am still traumatized by her alternative personality, Cynde-Loo, too, who used to attack Casey and I with her bangs combed down over her forehead covering her eyes.

Ah, today, however, is her celebration of life and, once again, I'm delighted to be home in Syracuse to be able to celebrate it with her in person. I wish I could deliver her warmer weather, but this is the best that Syracuse can offer.

This is a wish for all the bottles of wine that 2018 can muster her way. I've always told her that she should pick a day in June to trade her December 28th date with, but she stays consistent and true to the actual date....a post Christmas angel baby.

Happy Birthday, Cynderballs. We will let you blow out the candles tonight!

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