Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A New Way To Unite Family Over the Holidays! Using Zoom (an Office Perk)

 Christmas Day, a new display - Zooming with the 'tives downstate (but missing our Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Dick in California). The call was a 3 pm, post a brunch at the Barnwells, and I'm so glad that my cousin Mark could join us for the call (so he could build a fire and show us the warmth of his holiday festivities).

I also should admit that Dylan took me to see The Last Jedi and I cannot tell a lie. I loved every second of the film and would watch it again and again and again. I also said, "Man, they left this ripe for a franchise and numerous other movies."

Dylan looked at me matter of factly and said, "Duh. Why do you think Disney bought the rights? That's totally what they're going to do."

Um, missed that email, I guess.

Seems odd to know that the hubbub is now over and Chitunga, Nikki and Dylan are the ones returning to work today. I'm looking at the last few days left in CNY and wondering how I can convince the kid into taking time off and returning with me to CT for a couple of days. I'm pretty sure he's determined that work trumps a visit home, but I can at least put the pressure on and try.

Speaking of pressure, I definitely want to find a location to move. I hate missing more than one day at the gym or hitting the pavement, as it centers me, but I haven't wanted to bust an ankle with the wackiness of the ice situation on the streets. Not worth the risk of wiping out and setting myself back.

Time to start thinking about salads, grilled chicken, and the vegetable train for the next few months, to undo the last few weeks of baked goods.

The force has been with us. Feeling blessed this holiday season.

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