Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Finally Took The Polar Plunge...Ran 5K on the Ice at a Slow Clip

When in Syracuse, do as the Syracusians do....wear lots of layers, cover your skin, and be sure only your eyes are exposed to the winds (but under goggles).

The holiday food fest finally got to me and I couldn't take it any longer. I needed to move. I've been running indoors for the last two months in Connecticut, but I don't have gym privileges when visiting home. I simply bit my lip and said, "Crandall, you got this."

My father has layers and layers of Christmas hoodies and sweatshirts from year's past and I know I can always dress like I'm going on an arctic expedition. Yes, one is okay looking like the Michelin Tire Man when one runs outdoors in Syracuse at the winter. It's call survival. This is how you shovel the driveway, you get your mail, and you drive to the grocery store.

I should point out, too, that the sky was blue yesterday and the sun was out (which is very, very rare for these parts). Usually, the ceiling is as gray as the photograph hanging in my parents room - yes, that's Cynde, Bryan, and Casey behind Wampa, the snow monster from Star Wars.

Truth be told, when one is wrapped up enough, the run doesn't feel that bad. Actually, after I finished I grabbed Glamis and took her for a walk around the block (which I'm glad I did, because I ran into Michelle Marley who I haven't seen since my little sister's wedding). She was like, "I brought my running gear, too, but I don't think I'll be foolish enough to run on these streets. They're awful."

I said, "Where is you core, Michelle? We are Syracuse people. This is nothing. At least it's 12 degrees above 0 and the windchill isn't -25 degrees yet?"

CNY joke.

And today, I'm likely to go for another run as it feels awesome to move the legs and arms and to breathe the cold, fresh air. Sitting still hasn't never been what I'm good at.

Maybe today it will snow like it's Eerie, Pennsylvania! That will make it even more adventurous.

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