Sunday, December 10, 2017

Puzzles, Driving Lessons, Beach Walk, Brunch - Not a Bad Day to Welcome the First Snow Storm

I promised Akbar we'd spend the day driving, as he has his official test on Tuesday. I picked him up at 9 a.m. when he announced his shift at McDonalds was called off (he works in Westport) and that he could spend the entire day driving.

Well, this turned into driving lessons, running errands, walking dogs, laughing, eating, and the beginning of 1,000 piece puzzle. With his birthday on Monday, we also picked up a couple of gifts for him, including materials so he could play with his twin brothers (they're still little). That's what he wanted. "This is what I choose. I want to have a gift I can do with the twins." We picked up paint, paper, markers, and other things to create with. I also picked him up warmer clothes as the months ahead promise to be harsh.

I had to laugh, because he chose to run with the dogs...not just walk. I simply caught snowflakes on my tongue.

He's pretty much ready for the test. We need to cover a few more tricks on Tuesday morning to assure confidence. He did well, however, especially given the snow that fell in Connecticut yesterday. The front yard looks slim, but the back, which doesn't get as warm, had about 4 back porch was a testimony.

The other thing Akbar wanted was to do a puzzle. He said we could hammer it out in a matter of one night. I told him, "You are optimistic." We worked three hours simply to get a frame (and we're still missing a few of the edge pieces. They are lost in the 1,000 piece pile looking to be edged in the right place).

Okay, I took a day away from grading, planning, organizing, and worrying. I will feel guilty about it, but it was nice to chill out to take advantage of a weekend snow day.

I'm shoveled, and ready to begin another day.

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