Friday, December 29, 2017

Lit in CNY: Friday, Freezing, But the Skies are Blue. That's Something

 Christmas returns day.

Mom and I traveled to Kohl's to return her Christmas gifts, so she could pick out new items without the luxury of a 30% coupon. While there, I was also able to make a power purchases (knowing that what I bought will be returned - it's the thoughts that count).

I think she'll keep the lights, however. I saw the glow on her face.

I almost forgot to post this morning, because I've been distracted in the last days of time-off mode (actually getting things in order for 2018, prepping for classes, organizing travel dates, setting my calendar, and writing recommendations.

Tunga's been in employment mode and it is humorous that he's up and out of the house even before my parents wake. Today will be my last day in Syracuse and we may be heading to Sherburne for a wake - we shall see how Butch does. It's 4 degrees outside...why not take a vacation within a vacation.

I just hope my car starts. Yesterday, the Hulk (Kermit) didn't want to turn over. He was saying, "#$@#$ this cold crap. Why you leaving me outside?"

Okay, time to read my papers.

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