Saturday, December 16, 2017

14 Hours Writing & Grading and There Simply Is No Signal In My Brain Anymore

It's only just begun. I rolled out of bed at 5 a.m. yesterday to get on top of projects, so that I could meet the projects as they begin to come in. Actually, only a couple of final pieces arrived, but I realized I had a mountain of recommendations to write that have piled up over the last month (that's what happens). I also had a grant report, summer preparation, admission files, and committee work.

I did not move much. That's not true. I walked Glamis and ran at the gym. Those were my breaks.

My food intake was pathetic - waffle fries for dinner. Peanut butter for lunch. Just sad.

And all of this will be repeated today, tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Actually, all work is due Tuesday, so I'm unsure how many will get their assignments to me before then (although I made a plea). I screwed up this year, and didn't pay any attention to the calendar when I created the syllabus (hmmmm, might have had something to do with the dossier process and the fact that I was living in my office in August until September 15th. I simply wasn't thinking ahead).

It was a nice snow fall last night with decent accumulation. I need to get to my coffee right away, or else I'm never going to energize myself enough to move forward.

Be ready for a few days of anxious posts. That's what it's like to be an academic who blogs at the end of the semester.

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