Thursday, September 7, 2017

It's Not an Anvil, Wile E. Coyote, But The Metaphor Works

Let me start off by saying that yesterday I chose not to wear a belt. I knew I was going to be writing in my office all day, and didn't feel like the intestinal clamp of a belt and knew I was going to sit most of the day.

That plan worked until I went to Big Y to get milk and cereal. When I walked by the butter, well...they fell. Grandma buying their eggs laughed. It was what it was. It ended quick.

Then, I got home to write some more and as I tried to put a bow on one project, reminders of other projects came in: reports, recommendations, committee work, proposals, revisions. I was like, "Stop! Let me finish my dossier, so I can get to all the other work that is expected. I'm tired of it all."

This reminded me of Wile E. Coyote and his anvil, but I couldn't find that .gif, so I found the next best thing...his road to hell paved with the best intention. See how far that got him?

It's all good. Progress is being made one millisecond at a time. I keep thinking about how I thought I had control of my pants, but then I didn't. They fell. I burst out laughing, because Lord knows I was trying. Ah, but I reached in a freezer to get frozen strawberries for a Smoothie. When Ireached to put them in my cart...

well, the tree fell.

But I got to run. I have a breakfast at 8 a.m. - looking forward to a Greek Omelet.

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