Monday, September 18, 2017

Always Something In Home Ownership Land. Garage Door Opener. Go Figure!

On a Sunday morning spent working in NWP items, I left to go furniture shopping (I think successfully, although I may have over done the inches...only time will tell).

When I returned, I used the garage door opener, which I rarely do, to think about where I will put my old furniture when the new stuff arrives.

It opened.

It wouldn't close.

I have five, blinking yellow lights. According to my research it could be a number of things and I tried to troubleshoot them all.

No luck.

So, now I have to think strategically about how to problem solve for the latest adventure in home ownership. This one stumps me, as I'm not electrically inclined and I get nervous messing with things that I can't absolutely control. I did as much as I could while it was still light outside, but then gave up when I couldn't see the doo-hickies and thing-a-ma-jigs. There was no luck, so I simply worked to unhook the door and got the door closed so raccoons (and skunks) wouldn't invade my garage.

Can't work on this Tuesday or Wednesday. Hmmmm. Wondering if I can hire someone to fix this and install dimmer switches on my first floor. It's time for research, and with that I know the work week is about to begin. I'm too OCD to have such things happen. I wanted them fixed immediately.

This too shall pass.


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