Friday, March 31, 2017

Doggie Drama on Mt. Pleasant. Phew! Resolved

On Tuesday, Glamis and I hosted Mae and Jake for a Stratford dog-fest while their home was inspected by real-estate types. When they were dropped off in the morning, Jake went after Glamis's squeaky ball (the one that is left). He ate the other one.

After the play date, Glamis has been going bonkers looking for her squeaky ball and I opened every cupboard in the house looking for it. I vaguely remember Pam saying, "Nope. Jake. You already had your breakfast," before she took it from his mouth.

Last night, Glamis went for a long walk, played fetch with a stick, chewed on her rags and bones, but kept crying. I knew she wanted her green squeaky ball and she was driving me nuts. At one point, she climbed on my head and whined even harder in my ear.

That's when the flashback occurred. Pam. Jake. Food. Ball.

I texted Pam to see if she had any recollection of where the ball went. Fortunate for me she remembered! "I put it in the green frog bowl on the window ledge - a gift she found for me at Goodwill. Boom. Mystery solved.

Then, the rest of the evening was spent throwing the ball to Glamis and her retrieving it back to me. I can take the ball-squeak more than the whining.

And guess what? I know what I'm doing with the frog! This will be Glamis's dog treat bowl, and I have filled it with peanut-butter flavored biscuits.

Ribbit Ribbit.

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