Sunday, March 26, 2017

And He Returns Home To Taco Socks! Birthday Gifts Rock

I made it back from DC safely, without incidents or any delays. I sat in the quiet car and caught up on grading (wish I could sleep, but I'm no good at the whole mid-day nap thing).

When I came home (Uber is helpful), I found a new package of socks in my mailbox. I love it because they are wrapped like a birthday present, too, so I get to open them up like it's my birthday all over again. Thank You, Cynde!

But, above all else, I am simply glad to be home. It would be better if Chitunga wasn't away at school and if Glamis wasn't still at the dog-sitters (PAM! Thank you, Pam!), but there is no place like home (although Washington Court had those fabulous pillows I love so much and I slept like a baby there).

Time to transition to civilian life again. I think I will head to my office to prep for the week, to send thank you cards, and to regroup for the rest of the semester.

The next big focus is Easter weekend and my desire to get to Syracuse is greater than ever before. Hoping Peter Cottontail will have a place for me around the ham, horseradish sauce, and Cadbury Eggs).

In the meantime, it will be taco socks and funk.

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