Friday, March 24, 2017

#NWPSM17 Fortunate To Have Strong Support From Connecticut Leaders

The Storrs and Fairfield entourage did the rounds of meeting with John Larson, Richard Blumenthal, Jim Himes, Elizabeth Esty, Chris Murphy, and Rosa DeLauro and were fortunate to meet face to face with many of these Congressmen/women and Legislators. Our day was a success, and I have the Storrs teachers to thank for that, as they represented College Ready Writers Program with integrity and poise and put a face onto the work that we do.

In the five years I've done such work, I've never had such ease getting in and out of the buildings - the crowds were small (perhaps home watching votes from the television or wondering about what's next for the pace Washington has kept since January).

We moved from this building to next, delivered copies of student and teacher materials, including POW! and even found time to grab food at the Mexican restaurant we discovered years ago (although I had to wait our own table - long story).

This morning, however, we transition to workshops and training, and I was thrilled to have Kristen Veneema of Stamford High School and Julie Roneson from Discovery Magnet joining me.

My hotel space is swanky and I was more than ready for the king size bed and pillows.

Each and every visit we had was remarkable and I'm proud to live in a State that shows such tremendous support and understanding for its teachers. Courtney, Larson, and Himes were in their office and took notes on what we had to say, delivering that they will continue to do all they can to promote the National Writing Project in Connecticut schools. Our annual spring visits to D.C. are magical, and they remind me of the importance of being advocates for what we believe in.

I have so much appreciation for the offices of Connecticut's elected officials.

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