Monday, March 27, 2017

Yup. It's Monday. But Yesterday Was Sunday. I Spent It Well

I will never lose the tragedy that is Sunday in reference to the teaching world. I know that Monday will arrive and I will need to be full-force for another week, both at the University and in and out of K-12 schools. My mentor, Sue, always said, "You are not a teacher from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. Get in that habit."

I never made that my habit, but I recognize the good advice. We need to have breaks.

Sundays are such a day, although I didn't take a break and went to the office to catch up on paperwork and reports that will be due very shortly (including a publication that is a week overdue, because I put down the wrong date).

I did make it to the gym and grocery store, and picked up Glamis from the sitter (Pam...thanks, Pam). I loved the dog kisses, too. I also watched the UNC/Kentucky game and I was satisfied. Yes, I wrote during the game, but it was just enough of a distraction to make the day pleasurable.

I also didn't shower. I decided that is one way to save time and to feel disgustingly human on a day off. I read, I prepped, and then by 9 p.m. I said, "Put everything away, get a glass of wine, and watch a show." This was Scandal, which I missed while in D.C.

Travel does that, though. I didn't have a whole weekend because of it, but I nuzzled just enough space to regroup my mind (and on the radar is my Easter dinner with Peter Cottontail, which is upsetting my sister, Cynde, who can't believe I'd come to Syracuse and not eat with her).

And I caught up with Chitunga for the week. The week begins with content.

Addendum. Screw everything I just wrote. I caught up with Scandal when I finally decided to chill out. I'm in shock. Awe. My nerves are shot. The writing? Amazing? The twist? Scandalous. I'm beyond freaked out right now (and totally understand why my mom said, "I'm not going to bed until you text me that you finished the episode). I did. What the hell?

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