Monday, March 20, 2017

Exciting Times On Mt. Pleasant. Treated Myself Today

The last day of any break, you do your best to try to act as if you had a vacation and accomplished something - anything. I did power clean the house one day and realized that it is a pain in the #@# to have a toilet brush in one bathroom and not in the other. This morning, when Pam dropped off Jake for the day (man, so many showings at that house), I said, "By golly, I deserve to treat myself. I'm going to buy a second toilet brush. Good times at Mt. Pleasant."

And I did. I now have a toilet brush for upstairs and down stairs and, as I told Chitunga, "You know you're an adult when such a purchase excites you."

Louisville lost, of course. I had a feeling they would - which is good for me because then I can move on in my life without the normal fanaticism (although Kentucky is still in).

Today, Syracuse Women will be playing UConn Women and I should go to the game (it's down the street in Bridgeport at Webster Arena). I'm feeling a little pressed for time, however, with the National Writing Project work to do in DC. I also have courses to prep and professional development to design, so I will likely watch it on television, alone.

I'm looking at the photo of the new toilet brush and seeing that Glamis is eyeing it. Anything new to the house always throws her off and I believe she thinks its President Obama wiretapping our house.

On another note, I finished collaging undergraduate artwork for Mr. King's ESL class (their artistic philosophy project from last semester). It took me a whole (and I worked on other art projects from previous semesters), but it is looking good. I will deliver that, as well as POW! to their school this week before I leave.

And soon I will put that new toilet brush to work. It's the least I can do.

Ubuntu 2017. I am a toilet bowl cleaner because of all of us toilet bowl cleaners together.

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