Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mr. Bargain Hunter and the Irish Leprechauns

The corn beef and cabbage slow cooked in the CrockPot while Pam's house was on the market and she had back-to-back showings. "Sure, bring the dogs down to my house," I say. "I have a 30% off coupon for Kohl's and they should have winter clearance at this point."

I did work around the house, and then we ventured to hit the racks. Long story short, between the two of us (she needed to get baby shower goods and I'm just cheap) our bill started at $403.00. Then, after all the mark downs and my coupon, plus a $30 gift card, the total bill was $13.03. We saved that much money. I can't even explain the pile of stuff we got for so cheap. It was so funny at the check out, that Pam just got hysterical laughing. She was laughing more at me as I kept saying, "Wait, you're taking another 30% off the clearance discount? That's like a dollar-something."

They did and we won. I'm such a dork.

On another note, my vet Stephanie came over with Kobe and he bonded with Glamis. He is a beautiful, long-haired white lab who loved to bring items to you to throw, including old Parmesan cheese containers. I fell in love with the dog and the way he played with Glamis and brought his big furry body over to my lap. I kept saying to Stephanie, "I hope you got photos of this dog in the snow...he's like a gorgeous Christmas Card waiting to happen."

And with the corn beef and cabbage, shopping, and dogs, Patrick also brought bourbon, so my Saturday didn't quite move along as I thought it would. That means I will need to be a little more focused this Sunday as I get ready for DC and teaching this week. Mt. Pleasant had quite the entertainment for a Saturday.

Bye-Bye Syracuse Orange! You didn't make the tournament, and now you're out of the NIT. I think I saw it coming and I do hope that Boeheim can have one more fantastic season before his final retirement. It's hard to think of a Syracuse team without him, but I believe the time has come.

I still have Kentucky and the 'Ville in the mix, though.

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