Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Day After St. Patty's a Photo of @AbuBility

Abu wants royalties on his mug, but I told him it belongs to me (and the hat belongs to Pam, who bought him, Chitunga, and Lossine the same hats).

Actually, I used this photo for an ad about to go out for Project Citizen: Flying Lessons from the Prose, one of the Young Adult Literacy Labs to be hosted on campus this summer. That's what I was up to yesterday, the last official day of Spring break. I was working my way through summer and getting ready to implement another year of spectacular work. I'm loving this summer lab, however, because the funding arrived from elsewhere and so recruiting the kids begins now.

Ah, but it is March Madness. I can't think about June, July, and August just yet. Need to cheer for Syracuse at the NIT and more of my tournaments first.

In the meantime, I needed to post this photo of Abu again, because it is one of my favorite (simply in black and white here). Boom. And it's Saturday.

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