Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Day of Argh-ument with 6th Graders. Argggggggh!

Week two of hosting students from a local K-8 school, this time the 6th grade class who have been working on argumentative writing with their incredible teacher. Today, we will be looking at models, reading a children's book, analyzing commercials, and thinking about what we also stand for!

The cool thing is that each kid, a pirate-captain of his or her own ship, will be guided to make an argument of their choosing.

And I'm like, Arrrrrggggh! I hope it all works out, given the storms coming our way, buses, permission slips, and enthusiasm for learning.

Another whacky (if not, crazy) Wednesday it will be, but I am hoping to make an argument that more education courses should open themselves up to similar opportunities. What's the best way for pre-service teachers to think about a career in teaching: how about seeing teaching in action while offering professional development and model lessons for teachers? It's been great to assist the vision classroom educators have for their students.

It's amazing, too, because the reading we're doing in this philosophy course aligns perfectly with what the experts argue: pro-community, pro-reform, pro-student, pro-democracy, pro-literacy, pro-advocacy, and pro-equity.

It is my hope and intent that today will help bring that philosophy to life. Last week worked out wonderfully, and we'll see what we can accomplish this week.

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