Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Conversation With Myself On a Tuesday Morning

Inspired After Entertaining Ish at a Faculty Reading
Last Thursday, I drew on my hand to keep a 3-year old entertained during a faculty book reading (he could care less about the hand...there were Star Wars figures nearby). This morning, the decorated hand appeared, so I decided it could be used for a mini-script to kick myself in gear.

Me: Coffee
Myself: Coffee
I: Ugh
Me: Don't move until the coffee kicks in.
Myself: It takes a good hour.
I: You need more coffee.
Me: You finally hit "submit" on a project.
Myself: I had no choice.
I: Coffee.
Me: Yesterday was a bust.
Myself: You got a grant in, a class planned...
I: And you did a webinar appearance.
Me: I guess I did Faculty Salary, too.
Myself: And the faculty search.
I: Oh, Coffee.
Me: Now you need to get ready for tomorrow.
Myself: But we haven't dealt with today.
I: You dealt with that yesterday, didn't you?
Me: I got some of the class planned.
Myself: Oh, the dog. You can't neglect the dog.
I: Not until you finish coffee.
Me: You need to take her for a walk.
Myself: But that won't get tomorrow planned.
I: Can't you do it later today?
Me: You can't have tomorrow until it is planned and organized today.
Myself: Like I did yesterday?
I: Like we did yesterday.
Me: That coffee kicking in yet?
Myself: You won't get to the conference proposal.
I: You made reservations for tomorrow night, no?
Me: They don't take reservations.
Myself: Why is the dog looking at us like that?
I: She just wants to go for a walk.
Me: After the coffee.
Myself: I hope the brain works today.
I: Glamis, get off of me.

This means I'm walking the dog. I have to.

And that ends the script...What's the saying, "You're lack of planning doesn't constitute my emergency?" Man, today needs a lot of planning time so tomorrow can happen.

Last day of February. That was fast.

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