Monday, February 20, 2017

The Aquarian Pisces Connection - Exhausted, But Reuniting for Dinner

It took us a while, but Diva and I finally found a reason to reunite and catch up, which occurred at a restaurant in New Haven last night to celebrate her upcoming birthday and to high five the one that just passed. I have to say, the cajun tuna and side order of plantains and Guac was incredible.

Diva's teaching now in New Haven - first year - and is simply wearing the exhaustion that comes form K-12 teaching. The normal energy we have to gel off one another wavered as she processed the impossibility of teaching, the expectations, and the obstacles that stand in the way.

Even so, I was able to do my bargain shopping before we met and offered her gifts of love, friendship, and support. I love when it looks like I spent a lot of money, but really I didn't. She laughs, "I know exactly who you are, Bryan."

I always forget how young she is...a year older than Abu and Lossine...because her soul is deep and with so much wisdom. She's working through the mid-twenties shenanigans of starting a career, balancing an apartment, wondering about the cost of adult life, and figuring out the inequities our schools face. It's one thing to face them as a student or a supporter of students, but when entrenched in the teacher's life, the realities of such inequities are overwhelming.

Ah, but it was good to see her again, if only briefly, and we have next months Writing Our Lives - Big Apple event with Marcelle. There's hope yet, and today is President's Day, so there's an extra 24 hours to process the world.

Happy Birthday, Diva. The world is a much better place with you in it.

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