Monday, February 13, 2017

Secret Life of Snow-Restrained Pet Owners Stuck in Their Homes

The debate was between Secret Life of Pets or Sausage Party. Have you seen the trailer for Sausage Party? I have. It will need to be a special occasion to get me through that film in one sitting. I do have moods, occasionally, that would find such a flick hilarious, but I didn't want that on my snow days.

Secret Life of Pets it was. Mae went away with Patrick, leaving Glamis, Jake, and me to make the selection. Other than horse racing (Derby-influence, I suppose), Glamis never notices the television. Yet, this film caught her attention. Jake's, too. They watched, cocked their head, and wondered what it was they were viewing...

...that is until the movie just got old quick. They fell asleep. Pam fell asleep. She didn't even wake up when Snowball, the villainous rabbit, accidentally let go of a few bunny turds and apologized to the camera (that part was funny).

But I actually watched a movie from beginning to end. Yes, I paused it from time to time to do other things, but I got through a movie.

And this morning before I head out, I await to see which schools are delaying, which are hosting normalcy, who wants to catch up on projects that were postponed after two snow days last week, and what about the classes still needing to be taught. It can go in numerous directions depending on if any (or all) cancel classes or call for a late start. My alarm was set like it was last Thursday and Friday, and like kids and teachers across Connecticut, I grew frustrated that the call was made later than sooner, so it was too late to go back to bed.

It will likely be this way again today, too.

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